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Samantha, BSN, RN, NC-BC

 Holistic Life and Wellness Coach

and Registered Nurse

When I started working as a registered nurse in 2010, I had a front row seat to how unhealthy our population is. Chronic illness and disease make up for 80% of hospital admissions and spending in our country. Most of these diseases are preventable. Which means that we have the power to reverse illness and disease. Imagine if you could wean off your high blood pressure or diabetes medications, or you could find healthier ways of dealing with chronic stress and reduce fatigue! Nurses are natural patient educators, advocates and are the most trusted profession. Many patients benefit by having an advocate walk beside them giving them up-to-date education and coaching to achieve their health goals.


However, sometimes it is our pain and illnesses are deeper than just a diet change or exercise plan. Often times our own life experiences and trauma play a huge role in how we interact with food, substances and ways of coping. This is where a coach who has experience with chronic disease and illness can change your trajectory in your healing.


 In a safe, confidential environment, we co-create a plan of action to work towards healing and prevention. With coaching that aligns with the most up to date studies and practices, we create powerful tools to help you live abundantly!

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Wellness coach

Is Nurse Coaching like counseling?

The short answer is: no. Counseling is an incredible tool that many people utilize to help process past trauma and deep pain. This is very helpful for clients who need to unpack experiences that have positively or negatively impacted their lives. However, as a holistic wellness coach my job is to help you beyond that processing making steps forward as we co-create life style changes and behaviors to help you reach your goals. Coaching and counseling can go hand in hand. If you are looking for counseling I'd love to send references your way.


Why work with a Nurse Coach instead of a health coach?

As a registered nurse, I am held to the highest standards set forth by my state board of nursing. Nurse coaches report regularly to the state and abide by rules and regulations that a health coach does not. It is my duty to operate in the highest standards for my clients, abiding by federal confidentiality rules as well as the American Holistic Nurses Association standards set forth. Nurse coaches have a unique understanding of health care and the continuum of wellness among many patient populations, making them the perfect coaches and advocates for clients. 

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